Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haruan buster

Durian tunjung area ...this is haruan kingdom

caught using Surecatch Froggy weedless ( plug series code F22/6.5cm /0.56oz )

yehoooo..5.30pm,i caught 1kg haruan ( channa striatus )


小喬 said...

Thank you for your comentarios , you are welcome to visit my blog!

nordee said...

haruan masak lada hitam best...hilang hanyir dia tu

Fish Whisperer said...

Do you eat those fish or is it C/R? How do they fight?

mizlan said...

it depend the size of the fish..if if below 1kg i will C/R..this haruan fish erratic feeder throught the day.However,morning and evenings tend to be best.Will take live and dead baits and will readily attack most types of lures,including poppers.Powerful fish swim to weddy ereas when hooked.Likes weedy areas and sunken trees.

F|oaT K|nG F|yin H|gH said...

Congratz on d catch bro .. ehehe .. btw .. klu dpt shoutbox bro make it visible .. its much more easier to discuss sana bro .. ;)