Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jigging Haruan at secret pond nephew , my friend and i cast at my secret pond.The pond is quite weedyand snaggy ,which provide the necessary shelters againt constans human harrasment , as well as for the fish spawn and breed healthily .Today i'm using Abu Garsia Black Max baitcast + Seahawk Rinji Medium Heavy rod + 50lb Power Pro braided line...the braided line had to be thick and strong to hunt snakehead in snaggy water .

I cast more than 10 minutes ..get lot of strikes but no hook up..than i try cast right into a snaggy spot , then move the Seahawak mini frog up and down ( i call it Haruan jigging technique )...Pop!!!...i get strike!...Yehooo...i cought 300grm Haruan .

Close view of another solid hook up.

I try to realese the lure from Haruan

Small but can tear off my Seahawk mini frog...Wow!

The Army of Snakehead hunter ?

6am...Arm mechete my nephew and i trekking and cast at my secret snakehead heaven again this morning.

We cast almost 1 hour , get lot of strikes but no hook up...around 7.15am i cast My Seahawk mini frog near the raise...Kapow!!!...i get strike...Yehooo!!!..i cought 1.0kg Haruan .

Haruan of this size is not easy to get nowadays .

Solid hook up..Seahawk mini frog never disappointed me

Releasing Haruan for fight another day.

Amirul ( my nephew ) cought 300grm Haruan.

Seahawk mini frog with large metal blade able to seduce the Haruan...another solid hook up !!!

Catch and release..thank for good fight!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The new snakehead hunter !

Stalking my snakehead heaven my nephew ( the new snakehead hunter ) and i cast at my secret "snakehead heaven" .

Get lot of strikes but not able perfect hook up...then i try to cast near the weeds infront of me..." pop"!!!...i cought 400grm Haruan

Perfect hook up!...small guy with big appetite for Seahawk mini frog

Amirul ( my nephew ) with his first catch....300grm Haruan.

Wow!!!...solid hook up

Amirul second catch...1.0kg Haruan

Big fat haruan whamming on Seahawk mini frog

My nephew using Seahawk mini frog ( modified with metal blade )

Bye-bye my love...till we meet again

Catch and release...for the future anglers !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snakehead strike again!!

My snakehead "bungalow"...

After back from work... around 6pm wearing my lucky yellow t-shirt , i cast alone at my secret haruan spot near my house . Get lots of strike but not hook up...almost give up to cast today . But i try to cast for last time...i cast near the bushy area standing out among a patch of weedy water...Pop!!!...Yehooo!!!...i cought 500grm haruan

Before strike...

After strike! Seahawk mini frog tear off by haruan strike

My beautiful shoes with haruan...he2

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blackwater Haruan

I discovered a small canal on Google Earth and it seemed to be good Haruan casting . The good thing is ,it is not too far from my school .

As i approached the flooded grassy areas the water meandered its way between the grassy patches . casting the Seahawk mini frog next to grassy patch , i retrieved the Seahawak Mini frog...almost immediately its disappeared with vicious splash..."Pop"!!!...Yehooo!!...i cought 300grm Haruan .

Haruan of this size is very aggressive

Thank for good fight!!...Mr Channa Striatus

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another snakehead heaven have been found !!

This is the new spot that found yesterday...full of shallow weedy . The pond is naturally the home of the one most wanted snakehead..Mr Channa Striatus ( Haruan ) , sadly it was restricted area !!!...but i will try to cast next week .

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Black water haruan vs Seahawk mini frog

" The grass is always greener on the other side of field " This santence always haunts me when i do land - based fishing . The unsatisfactory feeling and sense of adventure always makes anglers venture deeper and deeper to faraway .That around friend and i cast at new spot near Sungai Keling village

Haruan heaven...with lots of weeds and murky water , today i'm using Seahawk Rinji rod, Abu Garsia Black Max baitcast and my favourite lure to hunt snakehead...Seahawk mini frog

As we arrived , there wee subtle splashes , sounds of 'pop'by the weeds ...cast the lure near the weeds..get six strikes but no hook up. I cast for seven time near the weeds..'plup'...get strike and immediately feel a strong pull on the rod . I fought the fish with brute force...Yehooo!!!..i cought 1.0 kg Haruan

Friday, April 17, 2009

Seahawk mini frog hattrick !!! friends and i cast canal near my school...the water so muddy and murky

Hearing a quiet little " pop" and saw some bubbles floating next to a couple of stalks of grass.

casting Seahawak Mini frog past the rise ,when the Seahawak Mini frog passed the grass , there was a "pop" but no hook up . Quikly casting the lure back out again , the retrieve was repeated along the trail....i was rewarded with loud " sploosh"!!!...Yehooo!!!....i cought 1kg haruan .

Once again Seahawk mini frog doing it good work!!!....close up view of the haruan with solid hook up

Today i'm using Abu Garsia Black Max baitcast + Seahawk Rinji( medium heavy ) rod + 50lb Power Pro braided + Seahawak Mini frog = 1 kg haruan...Yes!!