Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jigging Haruan at secret pond nephew , my friend and i cast at my secret pond.The pond is quite weedyand snaggy ,which provide the necessary shelters againt constans human harrasment , as well as for the fish spawn and breed healthily .Today i'm using Abu Garsia Black Max baitcast + Seahawk Rinji Medium Heavy rod + 50lb Power Pro braided line...the braided line had to be thick and strong to hunt snakehead in snaggy water .

I cast more than 10 minutes ..get lot of strikes but no hook up..than i try cast right into a snaggy spot , then move the Seahawak mini frog up and down ( i call it Haruan jigging technique )...Pop!!!...i get strike!...Yehooo...i cought 300grm Haruan .

Close view of another solid hook up.

I try to realese the lure from Haruan

Small but can tear off my Seahawk mini frog...Wow!


Fish Whisperer said...

Damn you get to fish a lot. Nice one.
Tight lines

Swamp Thing said...

Nice blog! Snakeheads!