Saturday, April 25, 2009

The new snakehead hunter !

Stalking my snakehead heaven my nephew ( the new snakehead hunter ) and i cast at my secret "snakehead heaven" .

Get lot of strikes but not able perfect hook up...then i try to cast near the weeds infront of me..." pop"!!!...i cought 400grm Haruan

Perfect hook up!...small guy with big appetite for Seahawk mini frog

Amirul ( my nephew ) with his first catch....300grm Haruan.

Wow!!!...solid hook up

Amirul second catch...1.0kg Haruan

Big fat haruan whamming on Seahawk mini frog

My nephew using Seahawk mini frog ( modified with metal blade )

Bye-bye my love...till we meet again

Catch and release...for the future anglers !

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