Friday, April 17, 2009

Seahawk mini frog hattrick !!! friends and i cast canal near my school...the water so muddy and murky

Hearing a quiet little " pop" and saw some bubbles floating next to a couple of stalks of grass.

casting Seahawak Mini frog past the rise ,when the Seahawak Mini frog passed the grass , there was a "pop" but no hook up . Quikly casting the lure back out again , the retrieve was repeated along the trail....i was rewarded with loud " sploosh"!!!...Yehooo!!!....i cought 1kg haruan .

Once again Seahawk mini frog doing it good work!!!....close up view of the haruan with solid hook up

Today i'm using Abu Garsia Black Max baitcast + Seahawk Rinji( medium heavy ) rod + 50lb Power Pro braided + Seahawak Mini frog = 1 kg haruan...Yes!!


T. Brook Smith said...

Nice fish, Mizlan!

Looks like you are getting some nice sized fish these days!

Fish Whisperer said...

Those haruan sure take the bait hard. It's already in it's stomach.
Tight lines