Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Army of Snakehead hunter ?

6am...Arm mechete my nephew and i trekking and cast at my secret snakehead heaven again this morning.

We cast almost 1 hour , get lot of strikes but no hook up...around 7.15am i cast My Seahawk mini frog near the raise...Kapow!!!...i get strike...Yehooo!!!..i cought 1.0kg Haruan .

Haruan of this size is not easy to get nowadays .

Solid hook up..Seahawk mini frog never disappointed me

Releasing Haruan for fight another day.

Amirul ( my nephew ) cought 300grm Haruan.

Seahawk mini frog with large metal blade able to seduce the Haruan...another solid hook up !!!

Catch and release..thank for good fight!


T. Brook Smith said...

It seems you're cathing bigger fish right now, Mizlan

Have you found the secret to cathing the larger snakeheads, Mizlan?

Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch Mizlan, 1kg!!! What leader are you using? It looks a little bulky. You might try streamlining it and lightening it? Just a thought.
Tight lines