Friday, July 17, 2009

World of snakehead

Today i'm still busy with my extra class for my students at my school , didn't have the chance to fishing..arrghh.While surfing the internet i found intersting fact about Snakehead fish species , i want share with you all .

Channa aurolineatus

Channa Limbata

Channa Grandinosa

Chana Obscura

Channa Insignis

Channa Africana

Channa striatus ( Haruan / Dalak / Gabus )

Channa stewartii

Channa Puntata

Channa Pleurophthalmus

Channa Panaw

Channa Orientalis

Channa Micropeltes ( Giant snakehead / Toman )

Channa Melasoma

Channa Melanoptera

Channa Murulius

Channa Marulioides

Channa Maculata

Channa Lucius

Channa Harcoubutleri

Channa Gachua

Channa Cyanospilos

Channa Burmanica

Channa Blaheri

Channa Barca

Channa Baramensis

Channa Bankanesis

Channa Aurantimaculata

Channa Asiatica

Channa Argus

Channa Parachanna