Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vendetta : The first blood

Yesterday i buy new weapon...Abu Garsia Vendetta Rod ...can't wait to try my new rod
This morning around 620am..cast with my friend at " Red and White pond " .
First cast get one strike but no hook up..try again cast my lure near weddy area...there was big wave attack my lure..Pop!..Yehoo!!!..i catch 600grm haruan
snakehead compare with my weapons this morning..Abu Garsia Vendetta rod + Abu Garsia C3 baitcast + 30lb Eupro EX-5 braided line
Wow! lure lure been rip off by this snakehead
Catch and released...thank for superb strike!
My killer lure this morning..Bassrat


Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch and I like the new weapon.

Shoreman said...

Hey Mislan. Saw another show on TV about the Snakehead. It was called River Monsters on the Animal Planet Channel. Don't know if you have satelite or not, but worth checking out. Noticed it was also on the Discovery Channel. Guy in Thailand was hunting them with a Hawaiian Sling (spear gun type of thing). Like your new rod & reel.