Sunday, October 17, 2010

Banana flavor frog

Today my friends and i cast " Corn farm" near village X . Let hunt begin...
Nizam Labuan Caster start the hunt with 300grm haruan..yeah!
solid hook up!..Seahawk mini frog swallow by this haruan
Nizam released his catch...yeah! bravo..CNR rock !
After almost 1 hour without any strike...suddenly get one one great strike near weedy area..Pop!...yeah!..finally i catch 1.2 kg haruan...yehooo!
snakehead compare with my weapons...Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC + Expert Graphite rod + 20lb Deep Inpul braded line
wow! this snakehead swallow my lure
The best best thing to do..Catch and released..go baby go!
My serial killer today..Surecatch Junior frog ...i called it...Banana flavor frog..ha2

1 comment:

Shoreman said...

1.2kg I think that's the biggest one I've seen you catch. Way to go.