Saturday, May 28, 2011

ABU GARCIA new rims

530pm ..cast alone at "The Grave" near Village X . Today i want to help my friend to find haruan because he just had a operation yesterday , hope haruan soup will cure the operation wound . Let the hunt begin ...
After miss hook up several time ...finally i get one strike in the middle of the pond..yeahh!!! my first haruan today...36cm
Close up view ...Surecatch Junior froggy superb solid hook!
36cm haruan..yeah!
My second catch...38cm haruan..yehooo!!!
Surecatch Junior froggy combine with blue propeller....solid hook up!
38cm haruan...yeahh!!!

My weapons today..ABU GARCIA Vendetta rod + ABU GARCIA C3 with new rims(handle)...he2

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