Saturday, October 29, 2011

3 stooges

6pm...cast alone at new area..i called " The manggo tree"...because there are lof of manggo tree here...let the hunt begin !

My first catch...42cm haruan..get strike near weedy area 1 meter from me

Rod Ford frog solid hook up!!!

42cm haruan with my weapons...Shimano calcutta 50XT + 15lb Power Pro Braid line + Okuma Stealth rod

My second catch...40cm haruan get strike near tree trunk

Hanomiya frog solid hook up!..oyeeeeeeeeeh!!!

Second catch ...40cm haruan

My third catch 38cm...get strike under manggo tree

Ho...ho...ho..Hanomiya frog do it again!

38cm haruan..yeahhh!!!

Till next fight Mr Channa!!!

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