Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kingdom of snakeheads

On 8 December..before i joined trip to Bario , Sarawak.. my good friends ..Mr Azlan Hmy and Mr Sopian take me to fishing at EPM , Brunei ...let the hunt begin !

My friend Mr Azlan Hmy

My friend..Mr Sopian
My first catch...500grm haruan using River2sea Bully wa frog..yes!!!

River2sea Bully Wa frog swallowed by haruan

My second catch...1kg haruan using Surecatch Junior frog..yehooo!!!

Haruan swallowed Surecatch Junior frog..yeahh!!!

My third catch...400grm haruan using Surecatch Junior frog

My friend...Mr Sopian catch 400grm toman /Giant snakehead

Around 630pm..we pack our gear and beack was among the best fishing trip ever..till next year..i will back!