Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Major Craft Corkish : First blood

430pm...cast with Labuan Snakehead Hunters at " L drain" near Village X .

Our weapons today!..today i want to test my new weapon...Major Craft Corkish CKC-664M rod

After two times miss hook up..finally get one big strike in the middle of drain..Booooom!!!..yehooo...i catch 45cm haruan

Scum frog solid hook up!

my first catch with my new weapon

My second catch 39cm haruan..strike near weedy area

Scum frog do it again!

My friend..Victor catch two haruan..bravo!

Total catch today 7 snakehead...all snakehead we released back to nature...till next hunt!...yeahhhhhhh!!!

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MustLim said...

Major Craft Corkish xder yg nk Jual ke.. :D