Sunday, June 24, 2012

Berkley Powerbite Grub VS Snakekehead

630am cast with my friends at "Redbull pond" near Village X .

first i try Eupro crank get two time miss hook up...than i change to Berkley Powerbite Grub fire tiger . Cast to the middle of the pond....get strike and give good fight...yehooo!!! i catch 38cm snakehead .

Berkley Powerbite Grub fire

30cm snakehead

Cast Berkley Powerbite Grub near tree trunk..get one great strike...yeah!!! i catch 40cm snakehead

Berkley Powerbite Grub white solid hook up!

My friend ..Ridzuan catch snakehead using Ofmer Crank

My friend...Ardy first catch

My friend...Ardy second catch

My friend...Ardy third! bravo

catch and released..yeaaah!

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