Thursday, October 4, 2012

6 pack

7am..explore new area this morning with my friends...get lot of strike this morning...this is snakehead heaven
yeahhh!!! my 1 catch this morning...catch big mama snakehead 59cm ...using scum popper frog
my 2 catch 38cm snakehead using Hinomiya frog
my 3 catch...37cm snakehead using scum frog
My 4 catch this morning...22cm snakehead using Scum frog

530pm...cast again at the 5 catch ...tarpon using Rapala Skitter pop 

my 6 catch of today...yeahhh!!! 

 go baby go!


Anglers Belong said...

Nice tarpon..tight line!
Check out the Borneo Book of Record catch..Sebarau on fly here :)

Fish Whisperer said...

Awesome day and a great tarpon.
Tight Lines