Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giant snakehead : My record breaker !

Explore new area with my friends near Village X . 

After two time miss hook up ...finally my Seahawak mini frogy get great strike in the middle of the drain .  I saw my line  disappeared inside the weedy area . I waited for 3-4 second before i gave it a heavy yank . My god , it was something much bigger than i thought . The huge fellow broke the surface in its bid to get rid of the hook . after failing to do so  , it surged left and right among underwater weeds , which saw my rod bending to heart-thorobbing in the middle of the drain . If it had gone into the thicker bushes , the game was a good as gone .
The fight lasted for 4 minutes , before the fellow wrapped itself with a huge buch of weeds and exhausted in process . I won ! . I really happy it was my biggest Giant Snakehead for year 2012. ....Yeahhhh!!!

Seahawk mini frogy solid hook up 
yeahhh!!! my personal record for 2012..77cm Giant snakehead
This Giant snakehead i released back to nature...till we  meet again " Big mama " !


Anglers Belong said...

Nice one,congratulations!!!
Wonder why you always go fishing at Village X...maybe someday you should try Village Y,Z or V...just kidding :)
Tight lines!!!

bici bicikut said...

lama tak tgk blog ni...

Fish Whisperer said...

Awesome!!!!! wel done, congrats.