Saturday, December 22, 2012

Brunei fishing trip 2012

On 17 Nov to 20 Nov , i go to Brunei for fishing trip .
my first day at Brunei...snakehead hunt at EPM ,  Brunei...let the hunt begin!
my first catch using Seahawk mini frog
my second catch using Hinomiya popper frog
my third catch snakehead using Hinomiya popper frog
my fourth catch using Hinomiya popper frog
my friens...Azlan Hmy STA with his Giant snakehead
my friend...king fisher with his giant snakehead..bravo!
Second day...casting with my friends from Selunsong Team Angler  ( STA )  at Tutong , Brunei...yeahhh! salt water mode is on!
my first catch ... Mangrove jack....yeahhh!!!
 Mangrove jack rip off my split ring
my second catch.... grouper
My third catch..Mangrove jack
Thank to all my friends form Selunsong TeamAngler Brunei for great hospitality 

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