Sunday, January 27, 2013

Megatron snakehead

Cast with my friends near Village X . 
My friend ..Victor start our hunt with good size snakehead , using Eupro frog
My friend...Junnes catch good size snakehead using seahawk mini frogy
Finally i renew my record on Haruan today...i catch big mama !...55 cm snakehead using Scum frog. I did not expect it all as snakehead moved below without warning to grab my slowly moving Scum frog and than straight down for cover , followed by the emergence of some nice huge bubbles . I immediately reacted with a good yank , i pumped it in shorthest possiple time . Yeahhhh...i catch big mama!
Oyehhhh! big mama
Mama mia ! 55 cm snakehead
Romeo and Juliet....Thank for great strike!...time to go..till we meet again


welve said...

Finally you remove your mask for the big smile, lol. Good job, that is massive. Too bad you didn't weight it, but look like over 2kg!

Fish Whisperer said...

Right on! nice fish my friend.