Saturday, June 1, 2013

Toman bunga : My personal record 2013

Cast with my friend at lake near Village X this morning

This is amazing...this morning i target to catch Giant snakehead ( toman ) but my lure get hit and run near tree trunk...fight for 5 minutes than i able landed 56cm Toman bunga ( Channa Marulioides, also known as Toman Bunga in Malaysia. ) ..using River2sea Crank Snub .

Yeahh!!!...nice hook up!...River2sea Crank Snub

 Yeahhh!!! personal record 2013 ...catch 56cm Toman Bunga at Labuan Island...most rare snakehead ever at this island !

                      Last cast before back friend...Ridzuan catch small toman using Zerek Barra X


welve said...

Thats a fine specimen, good job!

ali pancing said...

wahh... good catch! Tahniah Bro!