Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Kelly lure " VS Toman friend and i planned to cast at pond near Village X , unexpecdedly, my friend brought live keli ( cat fish ) . We called it ..."Kelly lure"
"Kelly Lure "
Wait ...and wait...suddenlly float pull hard from below..pluuup! ...i give a yank ..Eeeyahhh!!!
i catch 600grm Toman ( Giant Snakehead / channa micropeltes )...Yehoo!!!..small but aggresive

Toman /Giant snakehead with my weapons today...AbuGarsia C3 6500 Camo + ATC Swiff Max rod + 40lb Eupro EX-5 braid

Beauty and the beast !

Catch and released...630pm we pack our gear and back home.


Fish Whisperer said...

Live bait is always the best. Well done.
Tight lines

Wolfy said...

Your bait looks a lot like our Yellow Bullheads - a small catfish. Nice catch