Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first article in SIRIP ( the most top fishing magazine in Malaysia)

Today i was very first article was publish in SIRIP magazine April issue , this magazine was top fishing magazine in Malaysia , Singapore , Brunei and Indonesia . If you look at the magazine cover , you can see title.."Penggila Haruan Labuan". It mean ..."Labuan snakehead hunter maddnest".
Yeah!..wait my next article...Yeahh!


Fish Whisperer said...

Congrats, that is great. Don't get too famous or else you will have no time to fish. Well done my friend.

Wolfy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting your article published, Mizlan! You do a great job writing about your favorite fish.


Shoreman said...

Wow, celebrity status. We're all proud of you.


9W2OCC SHAM said...

wah,,, sudah bagus,,,
tahniah bro,,,

en_naz said...

Tahniah bro..wah ni kena amik autograf..hehe.. maju la pancing demi negara..hehe

sunday fishing said...

tahniah.......... ensem betul tuannya..

jangan lupe letak dalam bilik darjah satup...bagi budak budak baca utk reading project.


Tokan said...

congratulations...bro mizlan