Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Drain of Water spinach

430pm..cast with my friends at drain full with kangkung /water spinach at village X. Let the hunt begin...
Ridzuan with 500grm haruan
After 2 times miss strike.. i catch 300grm haruan..Yehooo!!!

Another solid hook up!..haruan with Seahawk Mini frog
Catch and released...530pm we pack our gear because heavy rain with thunder first!..till next hunt.

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Shoreman said...

Hey Mizlan. Seems like all you need is a little open water to catch fish. I know the whole drain area is a lot bigger than it looks, but the open spot is about the same size as the pond below our house. Wow, Snakeheads in our pond? Wouldn't that be wild? Much too cold, I think.