Friday, May 28, 2010

Shimano calcutta 50 XT VS Snakehead

610am..cast alone near banana farm at village X . Let the hunt begin !
My first catch...200grm haruan
wow! solid hook up with Seahawk mini frog
My new weapon...Shimano calcutta 50XT with haruan
My second catch..300grm haruan
My third catch...1.0kg haruan..Yehooo!
Super size snakehead compare to my!
My fourth catch..300grm
Solid hook up !
Catch and released...730am i pack my gear and back home


Tokan said...

singgah lihat haruan Labuan...3 hari cuti, mendalak lah ya...

Fish Whisperer said...

Well done. Not a bad start to the day.