Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brunei snakehead Hunter trip

9 June we take the ferry from Labuan ferry terminal at 9am and arrived to Brunei at 1030am.
On the first day ( 9 June ) at Brunei ...5pm we cast at river X .

My friend..Azlan from Selunsong Angker team Brunei catch 300grm haruan using seahawk mini frog...i get one great miss strike when using Berkley Grub.

My friend..Asat aka Snakehead master catch 300grm haruan using Halco
On second day ( 10June )...we cast at X XX pond near village X
After more than 3 miss dtrikes ..finally i catch 600grm haruan
Haruan compare with my weapon..Shimano calcutta 50XT
solid hook up!...Mazzy frog MF40 inside haruan mouth
Pak Majid catch 600grm haruan using spinnerbite
On the third day (12 June) ...Pak Majid first catch using spinnerbite..300grm haruan
Pak Majid second catch using Rapala..300grm haruan
12 June ...430 pm we arrived at Labuan Island jetty . Thanks to Azlan and Selunsong quiet on the treatment team that is very unusual, they are very friendly attitude made me feel very comfortable and quite reluctant to leave Brunei. I do not think this trip has failed because too many new things I learn and see ... can not wait March 2011 to make the next trip to Brunei .


Fahiz Hussin said...

Salam bro..jauh tu memancing bro..jauh berjalan luas pengalaman..

MIZLAN said...

betul tu bro Fahiz...banyak betul pengalaman baru dapat...betul kata oarang tua-tua