Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The snakehead killer

530pm...cast with my friends at " Snakehead superfortress" near Village X...let the hunt begin !
Afterb 30 minutes cast witout any strike..finally i get one soft strike near dead trees..Yehoo!!!..i catch 400grm haruan . Today i'm using Seahawk Mini frog ( black) .
Snakehead with my weapons today...Abu Garsia Vendetta rod + Shimano calcutta 50XT
catch and released...please grow bigger! someday we will meet again..yeah!


9W2OCC SHAM said...


bagi ler peluang haruan nak beraya,,,
br nak sampai dpn pintu rumah,,,
dah kena rentap,,,

kalau teman kena cam2,,,


Salam Lebaran 1431,,,

jw said...

Well done on your catches and kudos on practicing catch & release!