Saturday, April 2, 2011

ABU Super Combo

640am..cast alone at swamp "The HULK" near Village X .
after trying more than 30 minutes using soft plastic frog but no strikes...than i try to combine ABU GARCIA TOBY spoon with fly lure...kakabooom!!!...i get one great strike..Yehoo!!! i catch 500grm haruan
Close up view..haruan with ABU GARCIA TOBY spoon ..yeahhh!!!

Haruan with my weapons...OFMER ARMADA Rod + Shimano Calcutta 50XT

My serial killer this morning...ABU GARCIA TOBY spoon combine with fly lure

Abu Garcia TOBY spoon 10 g

Yeahhh!!!...don't just it ! catch and released for future anglers

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