Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr Snakeheads

630am...cast with my friend at " Japan pond "near Village X . Let hunt begin !

Yeahh!!! first catch...800grm haruan yehoo!!!
wow!...super solid hook up...haruan swallowed Surecatch Tiny frog
Haruan with my weapons...Abu Garcia Veritas rod + Shimano Calcutta 50XT
Yeahh!!!..don't just talk! it! catch and released
My second catch at area i called " The Double blade "...i catch 300grm Toman ( Giant snakehead /Channa Micropeltes )..Yehoo!!!..i'm using my weapons...Expert Graphite rod +Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC
Koppers frog solid hook up!

Bye-bye Toman...till next fight!

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