Saturday, August 13, 2011

Okuma Stealth first blood

5.30pm..cast with my friend at " Giant tree " near Village X .
Ridzuan with 500grm!

wow!...Haruan swallowed Hanomiya frog

My first catch...just small haruan..200grm...yeahhh!!!...first blood for my new rod..Okuma Stealth .
weapons: Rod Okuma Stealth + Shimanno Calcutta 50 XT

Small haruan try swallowed Scum frog
My second catch...yehoo!!!...300grm haruan
weapons: Rod Okuma Stealth + Shimanno Calcutta 50 XT

Surecatch Tiny frog solid hook up !

yeahh!!!...catch and released


Miey said...

nice catch bro...

Shoreman said...

Hey Mizlan. I see you're still knocking them dead. I'm not saying much these days, but still following along.

Had to add this, the verification word is ingen like the company in the Jurassic Park movies. Snakeheads - Dinosaurs, hmmmm.


Puaka Anglerz Tribe said...

this is best bro...

Unknown said...

tumpang tny tuan rumah,
rod okuma stealth 2 ok x overall performance die n kalo rating 10 bintang bole bg brape?
kalo bole sy nk angkat rod mcm ni sbb die jnis bole bt travel....