Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snakehead VS SCUM frog

730am...cast with my friend at " Giant tree " near Village X .

after several cast...finally i get one strike in middle of swamp..yeahh!!!..i catch small haruan using SCUM frog

Closed up view..small haruanwith SCUM Frog

My catch this morning..30cm haruan with my weapons...Okuma Stealth rod +Shimanno calcutta 50 xt

My lure this morning...SCUM frog

My friend..Ridzuan catch big!

wow! solid hook up..Hanomiya frog

Ridzuan catch...42cm haruan

All haruan i released back to swamp...yeahhh!!! Catch and released Rock!

1 comment:

matli said...

bro...boleh x sertakan berat setiap snakehead yang bro dapat...saya xbleh agak berat mengikut panjang ikan...