Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm back!

After almost one week off from fishing because busy with meeting at Kuala Kumpur..finally today i'm free for fishing..yehooo!!!...let the hunt begin!

Pop! ...strike in thick weed

After several miss hook up...i get one great strike in thick weed..pop! yehooo!!!..i catch 43cm haruan

wow! solid hook up!

43cm haruan compare to my weapons...Shimano calcutta 50xt reel+ Okuma Stealth rod+15lb PowerPro braided

My snakehead killer today..Eupro Pop frog

It time to go!

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Shoreman said...

Hey Mislan. I've looked at several pictures and it doesn't look like you use barbless hooks. I'm curious, since the Haruan seem to swallow the frog lure, are you able to release them without much damage? I know that a lot of times I have to keep trout, even though they are only lip hooked because it makes them bleed.