Monday, November 14, 2011

The worm dance

Cast alone at " The Grave" near Village x . Let the hunt begin.

cast almost one hour using soft plastic frog and popper but no strike...than i change to jig head combine with Berkley Powerbite pearl white...cast in the middle of pond. Let it sink and than jerk and retrieve....jerk and retrieve...than get one strike ..yehaaa..i catch 34cm haruan

yehaaaaaaaa!!!..solid hook up!

34cm haruan with my weapons

Catch and released for future anglers..yehaaaaaaaaaa!!!

my ammo today...Jig head with Berkley Powerbite Grub pearl white


Irfan fishboy said...

nice fish!the berkley power grub is really to get that kind of jig head?i've searched fish shops near my house but cant find.what jig head is that?

Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch by way of changing up you lures. You might try tying fluorocarbon directly to the lure with out using a snap.