Friday, August 24, 2012

Terminator T1 VS Giant Snakehead

540pm...cast with my friend at " The Spear " near Village X .

Casting my Terminator T1 spinnerbaits while the Giant snakehead fries were diving down . I felt a light nudge but no solid hook up . Iwas wondering if i hit a base or being attacked by Giant snakehead . Soon a large patch of fizzy bubbles surfaced . It's confirmed the Giant snakehead did strike the lure .

Quikly i made another cast while the Giant snakehead fries were rising for air . again , there was a light tug and while i was cranking in my Terminator T1 spinnerbiats , the secod tug was duly converted into solid hook up!

I struck hard to secure the hook , pumping it and reeling it in carefully . Carefully i lip-gripped the Giant snakehead. Yehaaaaaaaaa!!! i catch 63cm Giant snakehead .

Terminator T1 Spinnerbaits solid hook up on Giant snakehead

Mama mia! 63cm giant snakehead!...yeahh!!! . The Giant snakehead released unharmed .

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