Monday, August 17, 2009

Snakehead vs snakehead

5pm..cast at Kilan village with my friends

Ridzuan first catch..1kg haruan

Believe it or not ..this haruan tail was mutilated by ferocious Toman ...that why i called it..snakehead versus snakehead .

Ridzuan second catch ...800grm haruan

Close up view haruan with Seahawk mini frog... totally swallow

Pak Majid with 1.2kg haruan

Catch and release...thank for good fight

Not my day..just get three strikes but no hook next time !


Fish Whisperer said...

Mizlan, does you camera shoot video? I would like to see how you fish for those and also their strike.
Tight lines

Jeff Douglas said...

I agree, it would be fun to watch one strike. They must be very aggressive.

mizlan said... camera can shoot video...ok next time i will try to shoot when haruan strikes thr lure