Sunday, August 30, 2009

Whiplash Factory Weedless Plugs vs Haruan

Wearing my lucky t-shirt again (..i don't know why..i love so much this t-shirt ) , cast this morning with my friend..Pak Majid at drain Sungai Bangat area

Pak Majid with his catch...500grm haruan using River2sea Bully Wa frog
Today i'm using Whiplash Factory Weedless Plugs ( F.O.DC / ST.RE )

I cast my frog into isolated bushy area standing out among a patch of weedy water . I saw my line disappeared inside the weedy area . Huge bubbles rose to surface ,i waited for 4-5 second before i gave it a hefty yank. My rod bending C-shaped...Yehoo!!!..i catch 1.0 kg Haruan.

A lovely looking haruan taken on Whiplash Factory weedless Plugs...solid hook-up!

My weapon today..Abu Garsia Cardinal 104 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra Cast rod + 20lb Power Pro braided line

Bye-bye....thank for superb strike!

I was really happy today with my catch.


Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch my friend. 1kg is pretty big. Must be the lucky t-shirt.
Tight lines

HoneyBUZZin said...

Wah...that's a good catch! No need to buy ikan la bro!

BuDakHutaN said...

great Catch guru..
agree with Fish Whisperer , must be the lucky tshirt...

ikan pangal , sabahan bilang tu..hehehe

Ben said...

Nice job Mizlan!!