Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blackwater snakehead

7am..cast alone at swamp near my house.The water so black it looked like black tea that had been brewing for long time .

Black water swamp...the lower reaches of the swamp became open flooded areas

Hearing a quiet little plop , i turned in the direction of the sound and saw some bubles floating next to a couple of stalk grass . casting the Seawak Mini frog past the rise and i rewarded with loud " sploosh"!!!...Fish on!up came a small snakehead..Yehooo!!!..i catch 100grm haruan . Small but jump so aggressive .

Close up view..haruan liked chewing on my Seahawk Mini frog

Small haruan compare to my weapon...TICA DJ100 + Lemax Slim Max rod + EX-5 braided line

Catch and released...please grow bigger and bigger

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