Saturday, September 19, 2009

The last hunt before Hari Raya

The silance of the cool morning of a long Hari raya public holiday ,6.30am ...i cast alone at drain near Bukit Kalam village .

I cast to the drain , in less than second i felt a suspicius bump...that bump became a ferocious Pop!!!...Yehoo!! first catch...200grm haruan

Solid hookup...this haruan seriously hurt at mouth . This haruan i take home , tonight i will cook haruan soup...yummy!!

I continue trekking the drain and found this Haruan territory...

After 3 cast with presentation , i had the hit...bomm!!! The fish jumped...Yehoo!!!my second catch..300grm haruan

The haruan seem to love Seahawk mini frog...the mouth of the haruan is tought and lure should be equipped with very sharp hook to improve hookup rate .

This haruan i released back to fight another day


Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catches. They must taste nice if you are going to soup it.

Shoreman said...

Mizlan, good thing you have the fish grabber. I've noticed that in most of the photo's, the Haruan have a nasty mouth full of teeth. Watch your fingers.


mizlan said...

Mr fish whisperer..the haruan soup was superb...yummy...when you come here i will cook for you!
mr shoreman..for your information..i have been biten by haruan on my just 3oogrm haruan...that why alway use fish grabber