Friday, September 18, 2009

Eupro Superior frog VS Snakehead

7am..Cast alone at Bukit Kalam village

My new weapon to hunt haruan that i bought yesterday...Eupro Superior frog ( 55m/m 12g )

At good looking spot i cast acros the drain , retrieving the lura back . The first cast resulted in nothing , not even a nudge . Then i cast upstream with the same result . Stil no bites .When i tried my luck downstream again nothing took my lure , but when the lure almost reached my rod tip , it swam past some weddy protruding into the stream . Definitely a predator ! .Cast again near that area...Pop! one great strike...Yehooo! i catch 700grm Haruan

Great hook up...close up Eupro Superior frog with haruan

My weapon i use today..TICA DJ 100 with haruan

Catch and them survive and recover

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Fish Whisperer said...

Mizlan, nice looking fish.
Well done.
Tight lines