Saturday, October 3, 2009

River2Sea Bully Wa frog vs Snakehead

6pm...Cast with my friends at another forbidden pond near village X . The forbidden pond was only about of two size of basketball court , with some shallow weeds growing at the centre . Even if the fish or rig s snagged , it should be able to pull it back by force .All of us were using line breaking strain of up to 30 or 50lb . Our line had to be thick and strong to fish the snaggy water , more so when a big specimen is hooked .Anything light is for embarrassment .

The pond always has a special place in my heart . I had persoally seen the rises of huge haruan fro a distance and overheard loud spalash caused by attack of huge haruaan on te pray . This monster are there and you know it .

My weapon today...River2Sea Bully Wa frog ( armed forces edition )

My only catch this afternoon ..200grm haruan

Small guy with big appetie for River2Sea Bully Wa frog

Fizan get ready to gave hefty yank...eeeyahhh!!!

Fizan first catch...200grm haruan

Fizan second catch..300grm haruan

Fizan third catch ..200grm haruan .

Our weapon today Abu Garsia Ambassadeur Revo and TICA CAIMAN DJ100...all haruans we released back to fight another day

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