Friday, October 16, 2009

Snakehead trekkers

Trekking with my friends into the forbidden area...searcing the new area to cast snakehead

After trekking about 10 minute...finally we found it!...get lot of strike at this weedy area

My weapon today...Seahawk Mini frog

My whopper of the day!...500grm haruan..Yehoo!!

Close up view haruan with seahawk mini frog...remarkably effective lure for snakehead

Haruan with my weapon...TICA DJ 100 + EUPRO ex-5 30lb braid + LEMAX Slim Max rod


Banteh said...

Besarnya ikan. Kat KL ni susah nak carik umpan macam cikgu pakai tu. Saya biasa guna spinnerbait je. hehe. happy Hunting...

Fish Whisperer said...

That is some serious snakehead waters.
Tight lines