Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cast with Labuan snakehead hunter team

430pm...Cast with my friens from Labuan Snakehead hunter team

My friends from Labuan snakehead hunter team...Fizan ,Pijul ,khalid and Ridzuan

My first catch ...600grm haruan ..Yehoo!

Haruan with my weapons..TICA DJ 100 baitcast + 30lb Deep Inpul braided line + Lemax Slim Max rod

My killer lure!..Eupro superior frog ( green)

Catch and released

My second catch..200grm haruan

Solid hook up!...Haruan with Eupro superior frog ( white)

Last cast by Ridzuan , get one strike near weed pockets...finally Ridzuan catch 300grm haruan