Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The snow white VS snakehead

530pm..cast with my friend at black swamp near my house

Yehoo!!!..i catch 500grm haruan

Haruan with my weapons today...Seahawk Bass 103 baitcast + 30 lb Power Pro braided line + Seahawk Rinji rod

The manner the white lure has been taken can only mean that ot has really triggered the hunger pang of this haruan .

My killer lure of day!..Eupro Superior frog ( white )

Suddenly Ridzuan get one great strike !...Eeeeeyahh!

Ridzuan catch 1.0kg haruan

Wow!...the haruan size of Ridzuan palm's!

Close up view ..haruan swallowed the Surecatch junior frog ( white )

Wow!...i love sunset

640pm ...We back home with great smile ... :)


Fish Whisperer said...

Well done my friend.

9W2OCC SHAM said...

bro,,, sejak baik demam ni,,,
menganas la lu bro,,,
good casting,,,