Friday, January 1, 2010

The first snakehead of 2010 !

615am..cast with my friends at drain near village X .

Ridzuan catch 800grm haruan !

Haruan with Ridzuan's D.I.Y lure

Today i'm using my modify VIVA TR 55 frog with BAKAU Day Night Worm ( leg )and gold glitter

850am...Last cast before back home!...cast the lure near snaggy water , almost immediately it disappeared with a vicious splash ...Pop! i gave a hefty yank ...Eyahh!!!...Yehoo...i catch 700grm haruan . Yes! was my first snakehead of 2010 .

Close up view...VIVA TR 55 frog get heavily chewed by up by these bitey-bitey haruan

Big fat haruan with my weapons !

Wow!...haruan rip off the frog leg !

Catch and released


Fish Whisperer said...

The first of many my friend.
Tight lines

fazrin2211 said...

selamat tahun baru lan, semoga hasil tahun ini lebih lumayan ok!