Saturday, September 17, 2011

The A - team

5pm...cast with my friends at " The big tree " near Village X . i want to catch haruan for my wife...let the hunt begin!

Victor with first catch...500grm haruan with Seahawk mini frog

Victor second catch...600grm haruan with Seahawk mini frog..yeahhh!!! bravo my friend

My first catch...900grm haruan with Cacida lure

super solid hook up! haruan swallowed Cacida

my sfirst catch...900grm haruan

" Big mama" with my weapon....shimanno calcutta 50XT + Okuma Stealth rod

My second catch...600grm haruan with Cacida lure...yeahhh!!!

Cacida do it again!

600grm haruan compare with my weapons

My killer weapon today ..cacida

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