Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The serial killer

7am..cast alone at "The Hulk" near Village X . Just want to try using micro lure today..let hunt begin

yeahhh...cast Rapala Skitter Pop fire Tiger 5cm..get strike in the middle of swamp...yeahhh...i catch 30cm haruan

My first catch...30cm haruan

My second catch...bulan / tarpon 22cm...yeahhh!!!

My second catch 22cm bulan/tarpon

my third catch 30cm bulan/tarpon using Rapala skitter Pop Fire Tiger 5cm..yeahhh!!!

wow! superb..hoook up!

my third catch..30cm tarpon with my weapons...Daiwa Alphas 103 + Okuma Stealth rod + STREN Sonic Braid 14lb

My fourth catch..big haruan! 34cm...using Rapala Skitter Pop fire tiger..yehooo!!!

My fourth catch 34cm haruan

My fifth catch...29cm haruan using Rapala Skitter pop Fire Tiger

My fifth catch ...29cm haruan

catch and released for future anglers...till next hunt! yeahhh!!!


Puaka Anglerz Tribe said...

nice... specially the reel...

Fish Whisperer said...

Well done, you put a hurt on that fishing spot.


Thank mr Fish Whisperer..just my luck day