Saturday, September 24, 2011

Humanitarian mission 2

530pm..cast with my friends at 'Banana farm" near Village X ... Let the game begin

Cast almost 30 minute but hook strike....than i cast my Surecatch Junior frog into "ball of red " ( small haruan swim together)...get one great strike..yeahhh!!!..i catch 50cm haruan..oh! " big mama"

Surecatch Junior frog solid hoook up!

yeahhh!!!.."Big mama"...50cm !!!!

my friend...Junnes catch 400grm haruan with weapons..MC Day rod + DAIWA Liberto Pixy PX68L ...our catch to i give to my friend for his wife that just get minor surgical surgery yesterday...humanitarian mission 2 is successful !..till next hunt..yeahhh!

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