Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Hunted tree

530pm...cast alone at "The Hunted tree" near Village X .

Cast Surecatch Junior frog with short splashy pauses made during retrieve . I did not expect it all as the haruan moved in from below without warning to grab my slowly moving frog and then went straight down for cover ., followed emergence of some nice huge bubbles . I immediately reacted with a good yankwhich forced the haruan to take the air . I pumped it in shortest time . Upon landing ,i noticed that was no sign of my lure , as it was swallowed . Yehooo!!!...i catch 46cm haruan .

Wow!...Surecatch Junior frog solid hook up!

46cm haruan compare to my weapons

Yeahhh!!!..time to go...thank for great fight Mr Channa!

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