Sunday, January 8, 2012

Labuan Crocodile Dundee

The crocodile that strike my Kopper frog..boooom!!!

Something awesome happened today.My friend and i went fishing at the usual spot. My lure ( Kopper frog ) was strike by a crocodile and it went away with the lure.i struggled for thirty minutes while my friend called the civil defence malaysia ( Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia). They arrived and tried to pulled the crocodile to the land. unfortunately, it managed to escaped. It almost made my day with a new record of catching crocodile but luck is not in my hand as the crocodile vanished into the dark green water.


jepp79 said...

Nice bro, you nearly made a catch of a life time. careful though.

T. Brook Smith said...

Happy New Year, Mizlan!

Would that crocodile be your biggest catch ever? Looks like you're off to a big catch year in 2012!

amir said...

Whow! cool bro.. thats a great experience..i wish never happen to me..hehe..

Fish Whisperer said...

Adding a croc to your catch list would be awesome. Too bad, maybe next time.
Happy New Year

Gnenos said...

SO AWESOME!!!! But I definitely will just cut my line and run lol.. Later the whole croc family chase me.. =)

BTW Happy New Year!!! Keep the fishing going!