Monday, January 23, 2012

Snakehead of Chinese New Year

715am....Cast alone this morning at " Angry bird " near Village X this morning.

Hear loud sound near weedy area...pop!..pop!..cast Hanomiya black frog to that area...boooom! get one big strike..yehooo!!!..i catch 39cm haruan .

Persistenly working with Hanomiya black frog paid off..yeahh!

Cast middle of canal...get one miss hook up...cast again near weed area...pop!...get one strike...yehaaa!!!..i catch 35 cm haruan

Yeahhh!!! Hanomiya frog can get heavily chewed up by haruan

My second catch 35cm haruan

Cast inside weeds...kakabooooooooooom!!!..get one big strike in weed..yehooo!..i catch 42cm haruan using Hanomiya black frog

Yeahhh!!!..Hanomiya black frog do it again!

Third catch ...42cm haruan

yeahhhh...bye-bye Mr Snakehead !

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