Sunday, May 31, 2009

The attack of Tomanzilla ! friends and i cast at " Forbidden Snakehead heaven "

Today i still using my killer lure..Seahawk mini frog, cast the lure on the weedy area.."Pop"!!!..get strike...Yehoo i cought 400grm Haruan

Small but aggresive....look at my beautiful shoes..he2

Seahawak mini frog so yummy...

This small Haruan rip off my Seahawk Mini aggresive

Suddenly Mr Amir get one great strike!!!..." Bommmm !!! "

It was a scary seeing the line running

Fuyoooo!!!...Giant snakehead

Wow!!!...Mr Amir cought 3.0 kg Toman

Close - up the lure...Seahawk mini frog with Toman

Toman with Seahawk Camo rod + Abu Garsia C5 baitcast + 50 lb PowerPro braid

Haruan ( Channa Sitrus ) and Toman ( Channa Micripeltes )...the great fighter ! Today i was so happy because can spend time with my friends and a very successful snakehead fishing trip


Ben said...

Wow, that's an incredible fish your friend caught! It looks like you need to go back there more often.

mizlan said...

yep Ben! it was incredible fish..the place was forbidden lake..but i will go there again...those snakehead so great fighter

nordee said...

besornya ikan yg kawan ko dapat tuh