Tuesday, May 26, 2009

S.S.O (Snakehead Special Op) : " Forbidden heaven"

Today..my friends and i cast at forbidden snakehead heaven..totaly forbidden !!...i found a small pond while trekking the junggle...try cast beyond the bush and then get strike!!!...

" No pain..No gain..."

My first catch..200grm haruan, using jigging technique..Yehooo!!!

Believe or not ?...this is the place where i get the haruan.

Catch and release...to educate the haruan and indirectly help them to survive againts the onslaught of greedy human being

We move to another part of the lake.

Second catch....400grm Haruan ..Yehooo!!!

Close-up Haruan with Seahawk mini frog..still dangerous !


Fish Whisperer said...

Right on Mizlan.
Tight lines

Jeff Douglas said...

Good stuff! Very entertaining.